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Goodness and mercy have followed my steps with no inkling for my future. My past lies bare on the dry and cold sands of winter time. Changes have brought sameness to me, and the only constant that I see is my sight, Reality, a vagrant dream, slips slowly through the window shades and I awaken in your warmth...
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Welcome to the hopkins/neoscenes travelog -- notes, images, sounds, and video spanning more than 14 years of travel across North Amurika, Australia, and Europe -- reflections on the state(s) of being(s) encountered on the way, on average a new entry every 2.67 days! Joining the travelog allows you to post comments. Enjoy! -- John Hopkins

cold journalism

16:25 -- Fri 05.Feb.1999 :: 918231918
Tornio, Finland

cold, blizzard weather that would make most Amurikans shudder. me too! prepping for a series of lectures on New Media and Journalism. reminds me of days when I was the Special Editor of the College paper -- producing primarily music reviews and interviews.

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ergo vivida vis animi pervicit, et extra processit longe flammantia moenia mundi atque omne immensum peragravit, mente animoque..
-- Lucretius
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