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what sight of rainbow gives full and transitory is not the will to wake up the next morning, it's just late afternoon, well before sunset. lightning strikes the house. the radio quits. do the dead feel the hissing crack of close lightning like the living do? a bit of dread, a bit of shaken body wonder?
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Welcome to the hopkins/neoscenes travelog -- notes, images, sounds, and video spanning more than 14 years of travel across North Amurika, Australia, and Europe -- reflections on the state(s) of being(s) encountered on the way, on average a new entry every 2.67 days! Joining the travelog allows you to post comments. Enjoy! -- John Hopkins

Inuit dreams

14:04 -- Sun 04.Feb.2007 :: 1170597845
enroute San Francisco, California - Vancouver, Canada - London, England

Joe Nasogaluak of Tuktoyaktuk created this amazing piece (2 meters wide!) carved from a Bowhead whale skull in 1992. it's a work about Sedna, an Inuit sea goddess who rules over the Adlivun, the Inuit underworld. I note that we are the same age.

on the road. by the time I post this I'll be in London, safely ensconsed at Joanna's place. only the mediation of hours in hard-shaped public spaces lies ahead. and indeed, the system seems ever so fragile. needing constant invigoration, construction, maintenance. the 767 scheduled to take me from Vancouver to London breaks down. forcing an ancient 747 recently arrived from Toronto to be pressed into service for the long haul. somehow the seat I had selected online got translated from a aisle one to a window. despite there being some 1/3-full three-across rows, I just stayed where I was. too tired to change after the 4-hour mind-numbing delay. (the sound of) public null-spaces. grind the senses to a fine dust, leave them, particulate, ready to be disbursed by a Light breeze.

Canada. last time I was in Canada was for ISEA 1996 in Mon'real where I shared a room with Leslee and a couple other folks, or vaguely recall something like that. at least it was the same hotel. ever since going to the Calgary Stampede back in 1974 on the way to Alaska along the Al-Can Highway, and some summer camping trips with Aunt Mary to the Maritimes and PEI, Canada has always had special status in my psyche. despite the funny way of talking! a niece who is homesteading there in BC now, too. O Canada! eh?

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if I leave here tomorrow would you still remember me? I got to be travelin' on now. cause I'm as free as a bird now and this bird you cannot change Lord knows I can't change... if I stay here with you things just couldn't be the same cause I'm as free as a bird now and this bird you cannot change Lord knows I can't change...
-- Lynyrd Skynyrd
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